To Know Child Abuse and Child Trafficking is to Prevent Child Abuse

Child abuse and Child Trafficking is everyone’s problem, which means you are a part of the solution. Get in the know-and impact a child’s life forever.

Know the Facts

  • 1

    Child abuse isn’t just physical abuse.

  • 2

    Child abuse affects 1 in 10 children in Escambia County.

  • 3

    Most sexually abused children under the age of 18 are abused by someone the child and their family knows and trusts. Perpetrators groom the entire family.

  • 4

    Child abuse affects kids from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

  • 5

    Child trafficking victims will rarely attempt to seek help when in public.

  • 6

    The signs of child abuse aren’t always easy to spot.

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Know Child Abuse:

Prevention Education Training

Equip yourself with the tools to recognize, report and reduce suspected child abuse and child trafficking.

Our 30-minute training course empowers you with the information you need to know. Take the training individually or sign up with a group.

Knowing grooming behaviors and child abuse and child trafficking facts can help you prevent abuse and advocate for all children.

Teri Levin

Co-Owner of Levin Rinke Realty & Child Abuse Survivor

I know child abuse, because I’ve experienced it firsthand. Abuse affects all members of the family, which in turn has an impact on the family unit and the future of our children, and in turn, the future for all of us in the community. It is a cycle that must be broken very early.

We all become victims of the abuse in some way if we do not educate and actively work towards fighting it. Child abuse isn’t pleasant to talk about, but bringing it out in the open through education and awareness is the only way to fight it. Healing happens when it is brought into the light.


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